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Restore Your Brain (part 1 of 2)

We are more than physical, by recognizing the five body's within us, a complete healing is achieved.

  1. Physical Body
  2. Bio Electrical / Energy Body
  3. Emotional Body
  4. Mind / Mental Body
  5. Spiritual Body

While symptoms to disease may vary greatly, the cause is nearly always the same. We examine symptoms with great care, and place the symptom in the body it belongs. Though the physical and energy body is always treated, recognizing and caring for the emotional, spiritual and mind body brings the well rounded healing necessary for long term health.

The five bodies are interwoven with each other like a tapestry of five fibers. If one fiber becomes weak the others must strengthen to compensate. If more than one fiber is weak, there is a fraying and tearing when presented with stress. Stress may be an emotional trauma, a virus entering the eye, or a poor diet full of toxins. Whether outside force or internal conflict, the immune system is effected and challenged. If the stress is not treated the immune system is weakened and symptoms of disease begin to appear. The type of disease that surfaces depends on your physically weakest genetic or environmental attribute.

Restore Your Brain (part 2 of 2)

We do not treat symptoms as the disease. Alternatively we treat the cause of the weakened immune system that allowed the disease to develop. Treatment of the cause is both general and specific involving:

  1. Detoxifying the poisons, eliminating them over time from the body

  2. Correcting poor communication between chemistry and cells

  3. Supplementing rich mineral and omega three oils, with specific tinctures targeting a specific function of the body

  4. Beginning a diet rich in natural, organic, high nutrition foods

  5. Protection from EMF radiation, starting with cell phone microwave radiation reduction.

Our practice focuses on cause directing treatment to return the body to its natural, high energy state. The fully functioning immune system is kept strong through maintenance over a lifetime, or until the toxins are removed from our planet and the rich soil mineral content is regained. We may not be able to control the environmental stresses on our body, but now there is a way to render the effect harmless. Good Health!

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