WHY RESTORE? - Why Our Brains are Damaged

Our Brain is under attack 24 hours a day

A biological view of low nutrition - high toxic food.
In 1935 our farmland began new practices that has led to a sterilization of the soil. Fields were to remain untouched every seventh year, they are now farmed without rest. Fields were to have crops rotated yearly, this is no longer observed. Herbacides and pesticides were added to increase production and to replace the minerals lost from over-farming the land. The soil is no longer rich in minerals, thus the plants which must receive their minerals from the soil, are void of nutritional content. We now attempt to digest weak nutritional food poisoned with pesticides, air polution, water contamination and toxic chemicals leached into the soil.

Un-Natural Diet
Added to the low nutrition and toxic food, is our choice of an un-natural diet high in sugar and food additives, genetically modified food, seedless hybrids, and hybrids far removed from the original species. We choose heavily processed foods, pre-cooked with more toxic chemicals than nutrition. We are starving ourselves, eating greater quantities because our body is screaming for minerals and vitamins. These greater quantities of food do not give us the vitamins, minerals, protein and oils we so desperately need. Instead we store the high sugar, highly unbalanced diet as fat, that fat is stored with all the toxins making our long term energy source poisoned and over-aboundant.

Stored Poisons
We are exposed to 500 chemicals daily, 95 are known Neurotoxins. So even with a natural, organic diet we cannot avoid the poisons. We are under attack from air, water, soil and electromagnetic pollution every day. A health conscience individual making all the right choices will still have from 100 to 150 toxic poisons stored in their body, plus be bombarded by radiation from 12 sources such as computers, power lines, and wireless communication devices. High toxicity and radiation begins a series of destructive processes causing cells to function at a much lower energy state. A distortion in chemical reactions vital for healthy cell function becomes evident by a low energy state leading to mutations and disease.

Stress and Trauma
Emotional stress is just as damaging as a head injury. Each is a trauma that must be addressed to return healthy thoughts and function to the brain. Physical injury to the brain including infections can go undetected for a life time surfacing as mental illness, seizures or any number of symptoms. Stress effects hormonal changes, constant stress releases cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol alters the immune system suppressing digestive, reproductive and growth processes. Chronic stress hormones in the brain increases sleep problems, depression and memory impairment.

EMF Electro Magnetic Field Pollution
EMF pollution is our newest challenge to the brain. Microwave communications devices such as cell phones are a great danger to the brain. Though the radiation level is less than a microwave oven, studies now show the effect is accumulative. We are cooking are brains with microwaves every time we use our phone. Other forms of EMF pollution are: any wireless device, computers, power lines, PGE smart meters, solar flares cell towers, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, portable phones

Low level chronic toxic poisoning

Are We Getting Better?
No! Our brains are in serious trouble.

  • 1971 Autism 1:100,000
    Today 1: 88
  • 1971 Alzheimer's over 85 year old
    Today - less than 60 year old
  • Today seven out every ten children are learning impaired
All these diseases are on the rise:
  • Alzheimer's - 1:8 will develop in senior years
  • MS - 1:1000
  • Parkinson's - 4:100 will develop in senior years
  • Peripheral neuro - 1:4 will develop in senior years
  • Stroke victims - 750,000 per year
  • Head Trauma's (concussions) - millions

Number of Daily Attacks on the Brain
  1. Soil mineral depletion
  2. Malnutrition induced immune system falure
  3. Toxin input greater than output
  4. Pesticides and herbacides
  5. Genetically altered and modified food
  6. Exposure to 500 toxins daily
  7. Poor diet choices
  8. Low energy leading to lack of exercise
  9. EMF radiation - cell phones
  10. Auto-immune response releasing free radicals
  11. Stress: emotional - spiritual - mental
  12. Circlulatory system impairment

The Low Energy Brain
All of these daily attacks on the brain accumulate resulting in a low energy brain defenseless to damage and disease. It has been sai d that "once something becomes common, it is recognized as safe". For the past century we have seen dramatic technological advancements, and in the wake of this we have seen a nation decline in health despite the progress of biological science. Will you recognize today, the massive destruction targeted at your wellness? Can you open your eyes to the truth, and return health and vitality to your battle scared body?

The damaged nerve ending shown at the top of the page is just one example of how a small amount of mercury can destroy a nerve ending in seconds. Mercury is just one of five hundred poisons we are exposed to every day. Our immune system is under siege, and our bodies de-tox system is overwhelmed. We are weak and sick and getting sicker, our energy is slowing, and there are only more challenges on the horizon.

Lets get well, there is hope for the damaged brain. Described on this website are the answers to all of these problems. We have address each one with practical solutions, logical methods of treatment, and pioneering science to Restore Your Brain.

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